Routes and rides

Guided Rides Graham can take you on guided rides on or off road at reasonable rates. He is a CTC qualified trail leader with plenty of local knowledge of mountain biking and back-road routes. Please contact us to discuss details. There are many possibilities, depending on your preferences, fitness, the age-range of the party etc. Hire our bikes or bring your own.

Maps of our most popular routes are available – please ask.

CycleQuest  A cycle-orienteering challenge. Explore Newport Bay area, Carningli and the Gwaun. A fun outing or a competitive challenge for teams or solo riders: visit checkpoints and pick up points – arrive back late and lose them. Enter anytime – or watch our website for dates of special events.
Hire our bikes or bring your own.

Queries/to reserve hire bikes, phone Graham on 01239 820724

CycleQuest, the details:

Options include
RoadQuest: checkpoints all accessible by road
TrailQuest: off-road checkpoints
FunQuest: easier routes, fewer points

Enter separately or as teams
Try it for fun, or compete against your friends or our All-time Rankings 

The aim of the event is to find and visit Checkpoints marked on our CycleQuest maps.
There are 30 Checkpoints in total. Each is marked on the map by a coloured circle.
When you find each Checkpoint, answer the question on your score sheet. 

Choose any combination of Checkpoints:

The 10 green are the easier FunQuest ones (Max. total of 200 points).
The 10 red are TrailQuest  off-road checkpoints (Max. total 460 points with bonuses).
The 10 blue are for RoadQuest, all visible from the road (Max. 460 with bonuses).

CycleQuest  has a 3 hour time limit.
Time penalties are 5 points deducted for every minute over the limit, so there is skill in choosing your route!

There are a few more rules and points penalties – we explain these before you set off.

Rankings are based on points, not times (within the 3 hours).

Contact: Carningli Centre,  phone 01239 820724 (daytime)/820091 (evenings, Sundays & messages) or email 

On a guided ride, enjoying the descent towards Newport – Cyclists   Many thanks for permission to use the photo of an enjoyable afternoon’s ride in fine April weather.   This was the view on a winter ride –

Looking down after the first pull uphill

Looking down after the first pull uphill


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