Spinning in Fishguard

Graham has been out on his bike as often as he can lately but he admits it can be hard to beat the wet winter weather in January.

So, he has taken up spinnning.

Fishguard Leisure Centre runs no less than 8 spinning classes every week. They are so popular that you literally have to get up early to be sure of your place. It attracts everyone from seriously fit Ironman candidates to sedentary workers looking for a quick fitness fix after work. It can’t compare with the exhilaration of cycling in the open air but can be challenging enough to keep things interesting. The instructors are no softies: “Turn up the resistance” they  announce, or “We’ll be standing up on the pedals for half an hour today!”

Yesterday Graham reckoned the session had been a little easier than usual – or could it be that he is gaining in fitness?


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