A new season of cycling

17 years ago today, we moved to Newport, Pembrokeshire. Recalling the excitement, not to mention stress, of moving day reminds me that one of our reasons for coming to Pembrokeshire was the mild winters. We hardly ever have snow here. Even frost is a rarity some years (compared with Yorkshire, every year!).

It is still February but when the sun shines you can feel its warmth. Evenings are growing lighter, birds have started singing. Views are amazing because the trees are still leafless. It is a quiet time of year, but in Newport nearly every cafe, shop etc. is open.

So – ideal moment for an early season bike ride. Our first hirers of the season returned grinning after a 4+ hour off/on road extended tour of Cwm Gwaun (Gwaun Valley). They followed bridleways on the North West of Carningli and over into the valley. They met the legendary Bessie at her pub in Pontfaen before the only really hard bit, taking a stretch of pretty rough track up onto the Eastern slope of the mountain. The superb view down to the sea when you reach the top made the climb worthwhile, then it was downhill all the way back to Newport.

Why not try it?


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