Photography and mountain biking

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day. The low winter light shows our North Pembrokeshire scenery to great advantage, so Graham set off on his mountain bike with camera.

That in itself was a triumph. Many times he has arrived home after a ride saying, “If only I’d had a camera……” or remembered to take it, only for the weather to change instantly.

This time, his aim to record key points in a ride in photos did work out – here are a few.

Imageplenty of water about

ImageImage Bedd Morys

This time, Graham’s comment on coming in was “The riding didn’t flow.”¬†Looking out for likely photo-spots, stopping, manipulating gloves, camera case etc., in fact generally concentrating on the photography more than the riding, was a trial for him.

I’m guessing that photography-lovers know this but enjoy the hunt for the perfect image enough to compensate for the difficulties – or even see the riding as a means of reaching good photo locations.

I don’t expect Graham to morph into more of a camera nut than a mountain bike one – but I do think the results were worth the effort.